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Why buy refurbished computers?

Why buy a refurbished computer? The quick answer is price. If you're not doing machine intensive tasks such as graphics rendering or digital video work then a new machine can be an extremely expensive overkill.

Gordon Moore, the former CEO of Intel once observed "that the power of semiconductor technology doubles every 18 months." This has, if anything, proved to be an underestimate. It is worth emphasising the point that advances in computer performance are geometric not arithmetic, therefore the rate of increase is itself increasing at a huge rate. The average computer manufactured today aimed at the home or business user has specifications which dwarf those available just a few years ago.

However, for the average computer user, the tasks they need their computer to perform has not changed all that much. True, software has advanced and is more resource hungry, but this rate of advance does not compare to the rate of improvement in computer hardware.

While it was once considered a truism that computers became obsolete almost as soon as they were bought, people are increasingly realising that this is no longer the case. A refurbished computer made 5 years ago will run Office and other mainstream applications, and browse the net, as competently as the latest piece of technology from Intel or Apple.

Luckily for companies such as ourselves, and for our customers, many computer buyers have not yet caught on to this change. Therefore the refurbished computer market is still receiving a steady stream of low-cost stock. Particularly from large companies which have got used to having to upgrade regularly. This situation can't last, and refurbished computers will at some point be priced nearer their intrinsic value, but for the moment we are able to sell refurbished computers at incredible value prices.

At Second Chance PC we stock Mac desktops and laptops, along with peripherals, RAM, cabling and upgrades suitable for older machines. If you're interested in buying a computer, but have more sense than money, have a look round our site, or if you want more specific information give us a call on 01223 833 412 or an email and our friendly staff will happily answer any questions you might have.